Photo by Lindsey Erhart of LuLu Charmed Photography.
Photo by Lindsey Erhart of LuLu Charmed Photography.

Sue’s Specialties:  Colors, Perms, Cuts, Styling, Pedicures, Facials

Sue’s Story


Sue is old school.  Born in the 60’s, she attended beauty school in the 80’s where she learned big, edgy, rock star hair. She’s worked at SALON ONE ever since, where she specializes in colors, perms, cuts, pedicures and facials.

Originally from Boston, Sue and her mom moved to Rapid City when Sue was 22.  Today, Sue has two grown sons of her own that she loves very much.  Sue is known for her big heart, and her motherly instincts extend to the salon as well where she is known as the “Salon Mom”.  She is always taking care of her colleagues and the clients of the salon, ensuring everyone has whatever it is that they need.

In addition to her sons, Sue has two other great loves–children and animals, especially cats, and she belongs to many organizations that are close to her heart.  She belongs to the World Wildlife Federations and is an avid supporter of Toms Shoes.

Sue describes her first pet as a tomcat named Puff, who was adopted from the local shelter. She recalls when Puff bit her after she hugged him a little too hard, but Sue says she didn’t care. Instead, she just chased Puff down and continued to hug him some more.

Sue also loves excellent music, especially David Bowie, Pearl Jam, and Nine Inch Nails.  Her first concert was David Bowie during the Diamond Dogs tour when she was 12. Sue says it was an awesome performance that made her simultaneously scared and amazed (Sue notes that Bowie fans can look very intense).

In your opinion, what 80’s rock band had the best hair?

Aerosmith!  Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have gorgeous hair.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Someday, I would love to meet Pearl Jam and drink a few Dos Equis amber beers with the guys.  Eddie is gorgeous and I love his voice.  Jeff is their graphic artist and he built two skateboard parks for kids…one in Montana and one in South Dakota.  Stone is the poet and has been on Pine Ridge building houses for Habitat for Humanity.  Mike is an amazing guitarist and Matt plays drums.  I have seen them four times and I think they are great.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my two boys.  Max and Charlie are a huge part of me.

Does the deer have a little doe?  Yeah, two bucks!

The Three Stooges